10 Interesting Facts About Miniature Schnauzers


Miniature Schnauzer Puppy
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The Miniature Schnauzer is a great dog. Playful, intelligent, and hearty, they are terrific family pets that get along with children and adults alike and need very little in the way of special care. Read on to learn a bit about what makes this breed so distinct and beloved with dog lovers.

Dog Breeds

1.       The Mini Schnauzer is a breed of dog first recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1926, but was exhibited as a distinct breed as early as 1899.

2.       It has its origins in Germany and can be recognized in pictures as far back as the 15th century.

3.       The breed was developed to be great all-around farm dogs and ratters. They are rugged and muscular and built for that purpose. They are fearless, but not aggressive.

4.       It is considered a robust and active breed that physically resembles its larger cousin, the Standard Schnauzer.

5.       The Mini Schnauzer’s unique appearance, with the long facial hair, large eyes, short tail, and tapered alert-looking stance has made it the 16th most popular breed in the United States.

6.       They are highly trainable and are considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds.

7.       Another one of the defining characteristics of the breed, and another reason it’s so popular, is its high adaptability to most environments. It can make its home almost anywhere.


8.       The Mini Schnauzer is considered one of the healthiest breeds, with few congenital disease issues. However, some may be susceptible to eye ailments.

9.       The standard colors of this breed, as defined by the American Kennel Club, are black, black and silver, and salt and pepper, with no distinct markings. However, there are some chocolate and wheaten-colored Minis that aren’t officially recognized as part of the breed standard.

10.       Senators Bob and Elizabeth Dole, actress Mary Tyler Moore, actor Simon Pegg, and actor/martial artist Bruce Lee have all owned Miniature Schnauzers.


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