More than glucosamine for dogs

ActivPhy is a patented joint support in a tasty soft chew for your dog. ActivPhy’s formula was developed for and was previously only available through veterinarians. Now it is available to you at local pet specialty retailers or at our web store.

ActivPhy is effective due to the synergistic relationship among ingredients including Joint Support, Inflammation Support and Antioxidant Support.

Our patented method uses a blue green algae extract that supports the body’s normal anti-inflammatory response while providing antioxidants. Our combination of ingredients including Glucosamine for dogs, MSM, blue green algae extract and a proprietary antioxidant blend supports muscle, bone and cartilage health. ActivPhy is so effective we guarantee a difference with the best glucosamine for dogs.

Only one soft chew a day for most dogs

For most weights, you only need to give your dog one tasty soft chew a day!  This makes ActivPhy an easy, effective and affordable way to provide your dog joint support.  For dogs 60 lbs and over, our 75 count will last you 2 and 1/2 months after the initial loading period.  See dosing for more information.

ActivPhy Patented Joint Support makes your choice for your dog’s joint support easy

  • Safe and effective formula previously only available in veterinarians
  • Contains our secrete sauce, a Blue Green Algae Extract, that has been clinically proven to help reduce discomfort from daily activities and provide antioxidants
  • A one a day tasty soft chew your dog will love
  • Lowest cost per dose of any maximum strength products – only 53 cents a day for most dogs

Take the ActivPhy Challenge

We urge you to take the ActivPhy Challenge – one tub over one month and you will see a difference or your money back. ActivPhy comes in two sizes: regular chews for dogs that weigh over 30 lbs and small bites for dogs that weigh less than 30 lbs. One soft chew a day is all you need. If your dog doesn’t like the taste, we will refund your money. Recommended to support healthy joints and flexibility in dogs as early as one year of age.  ActivPhy is proudly made in the USA.

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