ActivPhy dosing – maximum effect in a once a day tasty soft chew

Consumers told us it was critical to have a joint supplement in a form both easy to give their dog and that their dog liked. ActivPhy is an easy way to provide your dog, big or small, the maximum dosage per soft chew.

For most weights, you only need to give your dog one tasty soft chew a day!  This makes ActivPhy an easy, effective and affordable way to provide your dog joint support.  For dogs 60 lbs and over, our 75 count will last you 2 and 1/2 months after the initial administration period.

To get started, you will want to put your dog on the initial administration dose for 4-6 weeks.  This dose is twice what you will give your dog after the 4-6 week time period.

The initial administration period is important regardless of if your dog has been on or is currently on another joint support.  This period ensures that all the nutrients enter into your dog’s body to ensure ActivPhy will work the most effectively for your dog.   After 4-6 week, you can move your dog to the maintenance administration.

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ActivPhy Dosing

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