Blue green algae extract benefits dogs

Blue green algae extract has been used in human supplements for decades. One of the most popular human blue green algae supplement is known as spirulina.  The Blue Green Algae extract we use in ActivPhy comes from Klamath Lake in Oregon.

Overview of Klamath Lake algae

Aphanizomenon flos-aquae is a type of cyano-bacteria that biologically is quite similar to spirulina. It’s actually toxic in most places where it’s grown, but Klamath Lake is remarkably pure and free of toxins, and so the blue-green algae there can be ingested by humans and animals. And it grows there in heaps and tons.

100,000 kilograms of blue-green algae is harvested from the lake every year for the supplement industry. During the summer the growth of algae is so robust that the lake turns green and most of the native fish die out because the algae sucks out all the oxygen from the water.

Benefits of blue green algae and dogs

We have found that the blue green algae extract from Klamath Lake provides various properties that are beneficial to dogs.

Clinical studies have proven our blue green algae extract is a safe and effective way to make a difference by helping to reduce joint discomfort and provide antioxidants .   A clinical study with dogs showed statistically significant owner perceived improvement in mobility, playfulness, ability to rise and enthusiasm to go outside.   See what consumers are saying about ActivPhy.

80% of the dogs experienced benefits within 30 days.

clinically proven blue green algae dogs

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