Best joint supplement for dogs – effective soft chew

What is the best joint supplement for dogs?  What consumers told us is they want their joint supplements to be 1) highly effective and 2) that their dogs will easily eat them. ActivPhy addresses both consumers’ needs.  ActivPhy is available in the two sizes, Regular Chews and Small Bites (for dogs under 30 lbs)  providing the right size and dosage for your dog’s weight.  See what makes ActivPhy the best dog joint supplement:

  • Developed for veterinarians and now available in Pet Specialty Stores
  • Proven patented method of support with Blue Green Algae Extract
  • Provides antioxidants and supports the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response due to normal daily activity
  • Supports muscle, bone and cartilage heath
  • 100% taste guarantee with an easy to feed soft chew

How does ActivPhy compare?

Best Joint Supplement for dogs comparison chart

We encourage you to take the ActivPhy Challenge. One month on ActivPhy and see a difference or you money back.

See what pet parents are saying about ActivPhy.



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