Fun Things to Do with Your Dog in the Summer


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Your dog is more than just a pet; he’s your best friend, a member of your family. We buy our dogs beds, toys, treats and even expensive clothes.  So why not maintain our dog’s active lifestyle? Remember playing fetch and catch for nearly an hour before she had enough? How about those long extended hikes up the trail?

As our dogs age, we realize that an hour of play time shortens to nearly 15 minutes, especially during those extremely hot summer days. What can we do to help our dogs begin to take strides to a better active life style?

  1. Take Your Dog for a Walk: During the hot summer days, take your pal out in the morning or in the evening to help prevent overheating.
  2. Hit the Beach: Whether you’re on the ocean, a lake or even a local stream, take your dog to the water to help cool him down.
  3. Add Ice Cubes to His Water Bowl: This will help keep your pup cool AND hydrated.
  4. Upgrade His Favorite Toy: Your dog loves treat-stuffed kongs. For a fun summer twist, add some softened kibble and ActivPhy. Pop in the freezer for a cool frozen treat!
  5. Create Your Own Doggy Waterpark: It’s as simple as turning the sprinkler on and letting him outside, he’ll have the time of his life while staying cool.
  6. Dine Out with Your Dog: Summer is outdoor dining season, call up your favorite restaurant and see if their patios are pooch-friendly! It’s a growing trend across America to BYOD (bring your own dog)

If you want to keep your dog happy and healthy this summer, take the ActivPhy challenge today!

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