Meet Banner!


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From Banner’s Owner…

My dog, Banner is a very active dog who is getting up there in age, he’s eleven years old, but never lets his arthritis get him down. Of course a day of playing fetch does take its toll on his poor hips. He is always very stiff and sore the day after he plays hard.

I received a sample of ActivPhy soft chew supplements to review, and I have been giving Banner 3 chews each day for almost a month now. I was surprised that he loves them as much as he does because he usually hates any kind of a supplement. ActivPhy smells to me like it would be a tasty treat that I would probably love if I were a canine.

How does ActivPhy help Banner? 

Formulated in therapeutic doses, the veterinarian recommended soft chews offer several associated benefits, including increased effectiveness and the lowest cost per serving compared to similar products. Better yet, dogs love the taste of the bite-sized chews. Serving the one-a-day, palatable soft chew is simple and a positive experience for both pets and parents.

ActivPhy isn’t only for senior and arthritic pets. Dogs 6 years or older, which account for 51 percent of the dog population, should begin a hip and joint supplement. Proactive supplementing is safe and smart since it can help maintain joint health further into life and even delay the onset of arthritic symptoms that only become noticeable once the disease is significantly advanced.

ActivPhy guarantees that pet parents will see a difference in mobility, playfulness, activity level, and enthusiasm or they get their money back. They also guarantee that dogs will love the taste of the soft chew.

ActivPhy is Proven to Work

Juliann has definitely noticed a change in Banner after giving him ActivPhy supplements. He seems to be so much more limber, and not so sore. He has more of a pep in his step, and is visibly not having trouble getting himself up from a laying down position. She, like so many others are so happy to have found a product that has worked for her dog Banner. He has a lot of life left in him, and she is thrilled that ActivPhy is helping him to be able to enjoy his favorite activities without  pain.

After 30 days, you don’t see a difference in your dog’s mobility, we will give you your money back.*  Your dog will also love the taste of our soft chew.

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What other pet parents are saying..

Renewed energy for older dogs

I wanted to share our experience with you. I had purchased a package of ActivPhy and given it to our elderly Boxer girl who doesn’t have much time left. She loved them and we noticed in days that she was bouncing around like a puppy – a whole different dog actually. We then ran out and she went back to her old self until we replenished our supply. We’re such true believers that I had to share our story with you and everyone.

PS- Both of my dogs love them (they are like treats for them)! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for more time with our girl.


ActivPhy Testimonial

My sweet girl was diagnosed with spinal stenosis 3 years ago. The vet said it was bad and we didn’t have much time. Fast forward to today… 3 months on ActivPhy and she’s acting like a puppy. I never dreamed we’d see her truly run again or play bow or play tug with her goofy younger “brother”. It’s amazing. Thank you! THANK YOU!  Jenn – California



Glucosamine For DogsMy name is Michelle, and I have an 11.5 year old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier named Riley who has arthritis in his hips and an old ACL injury. I have tried several joint supplements over the past few years with minimal improvement. I had to be careful when choosing a supplement because Riley has several food allergies, so my options were limited due to ingredients. I would usually have to wrap the supplement in some type of deli meat or cheese in order for him to take it. Even then, it was hit or miss as to whether or not he would take the supplement.

Recently, I was at a Concord Pet Supplies in NJ and was informed about ActivPhy by one of your representatives. I figured it couldn’t hurt to try it. First of all, I don’t have to force this down Riley’s throat.  He anxiously waits for his “treats” and I am glad that there are no ingredients that he is sensitive to.  Second of all…WOW…what an improvement in less than a month. I realize that joint supplements usually require the loading dose of 4-6 weeks, but I definitely saw improvement sooner. Riley would struggle to get up from a laying position on a tile floor. Now, he can stand right up…no struggle at all. The vet recently manipulated his leg and hips and told me range of movement was better than the last visit. I have even discontinued the use of Deramaxx on a daily basis, and only use it on an as needed basis.

Needless to say, we are very happy to have found your product!!  Missy – New Jersey

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*(Give your dog ActivPhy for 30 days based on the initial administration dose for your dog’s weight.  See a difference in normal daily activity or return your tub with your receipt within 90 days to the original place of purchase for your money back. Excludes shipping and handling.)

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