Delana of Star 94.1 and her dog Trinity love ActivPhy Joint Support

I met Delana, a DJ’s on Star 94.1 in San Diego, in July of this year.  We shared our love of dogs.  She told me the story of her sweet girl Trinity, a lab mix she had adopted many years ago.

Trinity loves the beach and Delana wanted to ensure that Trinity would have healthy joints and mobility well into her golden years. I asked Delana if she would take the ActivPhy Challenge, one tub over one month, see a difference or your money back.

Here is what Delana has to say:

“Trinity had slowed down, she wasn’t running or playing as much before we began the ActivPhy challenge.  After ActivPhy, she’s back to running circles in the yard, rolling in the grass and wanting to play fetch with her toys.  I know she feels better and healthier.  I would recommend ActivPhy to any pet owner who wants to help their best friend feel good again,” Delana.

Delana has shared Actify with others at Star and with key listeners.

Here is what Assistant Producer Sakuna has to say:

Before ActivPhy:

My dog is getting lazier and lazier and he weighs only 10 pounds! He is getting a bad hip I’ve noticed he doesn’t like to jump up and down from the couch like he used to. We can definitely track his progress with video clips from home etc. He doesn’t play much anymore, he use to tear up toys, not anymore, we are excited to try it out!

After ActivPhy:

Dog has been on it for 2 weeks! my dog loves moving around on the kitchen tile he use to hate it i think it was the pressure in his joints but now i cant keep him out of the kitchen! haha could be a good thing or a bad thing haha but definitely can SEE results in his attitude not just with energy, but the fact that hes been hurting for so long, that he doesnt know what to do with the new found healthy joints! He’s confused!

Here is what some listeners are saying:

“ActivPhy has given Buddy’s life more joy. My family too, seeing Buddy so happy. He’s much more active, so excited and has so much more energy! I’m seeing such positive changes in his energy and spirit. Plus he loves the product. It is a huge treat for him to get the ActivPhy! I would absolutely recommend ActivPhy to a friend, ” Kelly.

“After just 1 week, an already-agile Reggie has sprang to new heights. He’s zipping around my house like a mad man and I couldn’t be happier about it! I’d have never guessed he’d slowed, but after giving him ActivPhy, I can see that he had lost some spunk somewhere along the line. Anyway, that’s in the past, and his future looks very bright thanks to ActivPhy! Thanks so much,” Alex

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