Tips To Prevent Your Dog From Over-Eating


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At ActivPhy, we understand how difficult it can be to manage your dog’s health but having the right knowledge can make all the difference. Health has a direct relation to your dog’s happiness, as well as your dog’s level of activity, which is why we want to provide you with tips to help your dog maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

One topic of concern for many dog owners is how to prevent your dog from over-eating. Over-eating can cause a variety of health issues, including obesity, diabetes, joint stress, heart disease, liver disease and kidney problems.

Here are a few common reasons why your dog may be over-eating and some tips on how to prevent.

bored dog

They are bored: Dogs are easily inclined to boredom, especially when they are left alone without something to entertain them. They may eat to alleviate their boredom rather than to satisfy their hunger.

Solution: Keep your dog on a regular feeding schedule and don’t leave their food out at all times, especially when you’re not home. Provide additional toys to stimulate your dog when left alone.


dog eating

Over-feeding: Are you measuring how much food your dog is receiving during each feeding period? If not, then your dog could be having more than his/her necessary fill.

Solution: It is best to keep your dog on a regular feeding schedule and measure out the appropriate amount of food your dog should be receiving each time as per the instructions listed on your dog food package. Although it takes a little more effort, it’s worth it in the long run!

Tip: You may find that giving your dog smaller amounts of food 2-3 times per day better appeases their appetite!

tired dog

Slower Metabolism: Just like humans, dogs can experience their metabolism slowing down as they age. If you have been keeping your dog on the same feeding regiment and you are noticing they are starting to gain weight, this may likely be the cause.

Solution: At this point it might be best to switch to a food that is designed specifically for older dogs. We suggest consulting your vet to see if they have a recommendation for your dog’s breed.

In some cases, if your dog is over-eating it might be a symptom of a bigger issue, such as a hormone level imbalance or damage to the Central Nervous System. Central Nervous System damage could result from experiencing a trauma, such as abuse, or lesions caused by an illness. To better identify the issue, we recommend consulting your vet.


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